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22nd Windows build (64-bit) uploaded on 8 APR 2019: Download playable demo via Google Drive


  • Complete nebula/starfield/planet/background graphics overhaul
  • Lighting and anti-aliasing adjusted for better visuals
  • Added weapon battery indicators and recharging system
  • Improved player ship health indicator (fancy radial gauge)
  • Significantly faster level loading times
  • Loading screen is displayed if level takes a longer time to load
  • Fixed several minor bugs
  • Build 21

  • Added intro animation
  • Radically decreased camera FOV to reduce perspective effect
  • Changed object scaling in all missions to match the new perspective
  • Improved and optimized some of the particle effects
  • Reduced the size of stars in the background starfield
  • Reverted playership turn controls back to precise
  • Fixed bugs in Command Screen which made POI selection inaccurate
  • ...and widget auto resize was inconsistent
  • Disabled inactive functions from the main menu
  • Fixed a timer issue in mission system
  • Further improved level loading times
  • Build 20

  • All engine models are complete and added in the shipyard
  • Decreased camera FOV to reduce perspective distortion
  • Player ship now turns using radial impulse/damping
  • Added explosion damage decals on enemy capital ships
  • Enemy battlecruiser has destructible engines and bridge
  • Increased the size and animation of radar indicators
  • Player health bar removed; the ship has a damage indicator light instead
  • Improved battlecruiser texturing/graphics
  • Improved explosion effect
  • Improved sounds and rebalanced volume levels
  • Improved level loading time