Welcome to Cavemen Studios

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Welcome to Cavemen Studios

Post by Jeffrey » Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:15 pm

Hello to everyone,

First of all let me welcome you to our website and the newly added forums for our new to be released MMORPG.
Before we go any further here into the (very limited) details I can provide you so far let me tell you how excited it is to start this adventure of creation together with the team here at Cavemen Studios.

Being fellow gamers ourselves for many decades we always had the goal to create a game where we would try to achieve the things that gamers want in games and not what a developer thinks what we want in a game. Having seen a trend of many MMORPG’s and even more ‘Early Access’ games that had a distinct atmosphere of cash grabs, we finally decided after years of talking and planning to pick up the glove and start our own development studio: And here we are 😊

Now that we have started, there are many hurdles to take and challenges to be overcome and we are confident that we have both the skill set, motivation and dedication mixed with a generous amount of pure Passion to bring our project to a successful end and releasing, what we hope, the first of many games in the coming years.

Where are we now?
1) We are currently ramping up on finishing our editor so our development process is really in the creation phase.

2) We have dedicated streamers ready to review and release pre-approved content (more info about streams and streamers will follow)

3) We are visiting the First Look event in the Netherlands (http://firstlookfestival.nl/) with a small crew/streamers and will have a Video Log.

I will try to update any news we have regarding our project and will go into a more in-depth introduction of our team in upcoming forum posts. As always, any constructive feedback is appreciated from our audience side.
There are many plans and ideas that we are implementing that I want to talk about and make you excited to look out for though I will only speak of things that are actually in the game and not about plans etc that we have not yet realized to ensure that there will be no hyped up expectation level prior to any realized content.

Let me just welcome you one more time to our new Project and we hope you will join us on this adventure and together we will create a game for the ages.

Kind regards,

Jeffrey Setoe
Director of Marketing and Community Engagement
Cavemen Studios

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