Where are we now? (November 2017)

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Where are we now? (November 2017)

Post by Jeffrey » Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:24 pm

Hello everyone!

It is about that time we made a new Monthly update where we are in terms of progression and the still targeted release for June next 2018.

1) We are currently hard testing our Multiplayer with the Dev team and will try and showcase this is a the stream (probably) this week. I will not say too much about this now as I think action speak louder then words so it would be great if you can actually see what we have achieved in this short time in the multiplayer setting.

Disclaimer:Yes, things don't work perfectly, but don't let that stop us from showing you what we have and one very special surprise is included for a certain mining community within the environment:-)

2) A new Dev diary has been added by our Developers which is of course open to feedback and suggestions. you can find these video's in our Youtube channel as usual. The dev's have promised, yours truly, to make these video's a fixed feature during development and to take some precious time in explaining how we do things and how we see things here at Cavemen Studios. I urge you to watch our videos as player feedback is essential and your influence can be valuable in how we progress. (in other words, say it now! Because later it might be to time consuming or too complicated a matter to change feature's when more dependability on said features and building blocks in the game environment need to be changed)

3) We are working on skins for in-game! Yes, our title will be free to play and to offset the initial investment costs we have PURELY cosmetic items incoming for you. This will not affect your game play at all except for dazzling your opponent with your awesome looks:-)

So all in all, another month past and a few milestones achieved.

Kind regards,

Wrench crowbar

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