How to support our Game Development

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How to support our Game Development

Post by Jeffrey » Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:48 am

Hey guys,

Our donations and our separate coinhive are now live @

The coin hive is an almost free way to donate cpu time for our miner so we can progress faster with our Game Development (

How it works: Now you also can donate not only real money, but the cycles of your CPU: the amount YOU want for the time YOU decide and it is all up to YOU. If you run it, it works. If you stop the miner or close the tab – you stop donating. Would you like to donate? Just click on the link, adjust the amount of load (cores and % of each core should be loaded) and that is everything. Every single second your CPU will calculate hashes (the process is called mining), which will be converted to a crypto-currency. Single users can’t generate a lot but if everyone supports us this way we can keep our operating costs a lot lower and in return our Development time will go up!

We specifically created this way of support for people who cannot donate but still want to help us create our Games.

For those of you who can and are willing to donate directly there is a PayPal account set up and it works:-) It is located at the bottom left of the main page on our website.

Other ways:
The many other ways to support us are not just monetary but also exposure for our Game and Development
Feel free to subscribe, like, comment on our:

Youtube channel: ... ggHKXNGKDQ
Twitter Account:
Reddit Page:
Twitch Account:

And also one of our dedicated streamers:

Thank you in advance for your support,

Wrench Crowbar

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