First promotions of our Cavemen Studios

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First promotions of our Cavemen Studios

Post by Jeffrey » Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:35 am

Hi all,

Today we are finally going to let the (Wider) World know about Cavemen Studios!

A lot of hard work has been done by the team for this event in our first Browser FPS demo and infrastructure around the game so a big thank you is in order to the team for making this all happen in time for our official introduction to the public and our new audience.

Please keep in mind that the FPS browser game named 'Flight #1857 to Kaluga Cluster' is for all purpose and intent only a sample product of what we here at Cavemen Studios are able to do in a very short amount of time. Thinking back, I myself have only started this last August for the first time on this project and the team keeps amazing me with it's hard work and dedication.

We are going to visit the First Look Event later today and introduce ourselves to the public.
This first year we have decided for simple budget and time constraint reasons that we will not hire a stand ourselves but we are mingling with the visiting crowd. We want to create a both proactive and interactive experience for our first introduction.

We have a Vlogger and a streamer joining me today as part of the team and we will post our Vlog here on this website for everyone. (This might take some time due to editing etc. so stay tuned!)

So if you are by any chance at the event we look forward to meet you and if we interview and introduce ourselves later today we look forward to posting and seeing you and everyone we meet on our Youtube channel
( ... ggHKXNGKDQ) and these forums!

Kind regards,

Jeffrey Setoe a.k.a.
Wrench Crowbar

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